Dog Sledding

Dog Sledding

Did you know that the Keweenaw Peninsula in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is host to one of the top races in dog sledding?  

With an abundant amount of snow each year, the Copper Country is an ideal place to to enjoy the sport whether it be by taking in the annual CopperDog 150 sled dog race or giving the sport a try by visiting one of the local kennels that will give you a glimpse of what it’s like to run a team of dogs.

The CopperDog 150 was first held in 2009 when a small group of people got together and had an idea to organize a dog sled race.  Since then the race has grown every year and brings thousands of people to Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula to experience such a thing.  The race starts in Downtown Calumet on that Friday night with thousands of people lining the sidewalks awaiting the adrenaline filled start.  Many of the downtown shops and restaurants stay open late and offer special CopperDog goodies.  You’ll also find big fire pits to keep warm by. 

Soon, you’ll hear the music and the energy level starts to rise as the first dog team is about to leave the starting gate.  From Calumet, they will travel over a 3 day period up to Copper Harbor and back making a stop in Eagle Harbor the second night and Copper Harbor the 3rd night.  Once every dog team has left the start, you can keep enjoying this winter event and watch fireworks over Agassiz Park or head out to a trail crossing to see the dog teams make their way up the Keweenaw.  Check out this short video from the 2017 CopperDog 150 start in Calumet to get a little taste.

The CopperDog 150 sled dog race is put on totally by volunteers and let us just say it takes A LOT of volunteers so when you see someone that has something that says CopperDog Volunteer, make sure you tell them thank you.  Without them the Keweenaw would not have such an amazing race that has quickly drawn some pretty big attention!  

If you have never seen a dog race in person you are missing out so come on up and experience one of the top races in it’s sport or do something a little different on your winter getaway and take your own sled dog ride with one of our local mushers, you won’t regret it!





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Experience dogsledding during any season! Visit a working kennel with racing Alaskan Huskies.
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Otter River Sled Dog Training Center & Wilderness Adventures

35605 N. River Road
Chassell, MI 49916
Phone: (906) 334-3005
Region: Chassell
Experience dogsledding during any season! Visit a working kennel with racing Alaskan Huskies. More

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