• Explore The Keweenaw

    Where adventure falls from the sky, grows from the ground and springs from Lake Superior.

    Here is where the largest fresh waters on earth create a peninsula called the Keweenaw. Escape to Isle Royal National Park and find solitude in the pristine, remote wilderness while sharing trails with the island’s moose and wolves. Or escape into history by visiting the Keweenaw National Historic Park in Calumet, Michigan and experience the epic copper boom that built the United States by exploring an underground mine. Hike, pedal, paddle, and ride countless miles of world-class outdoor recreation trails, or listen to Lake Superior’s soothing waves as they crash along our secluded beach shores. In the Keweenaw, endless vacation discoveries await!

    Local Trip Ideas

    Gordon Rasmsay pushing a wheelbarrow in the Keweenaw 26 Trip Planning

    Explore the Keweenaw like Chef Gordon Ramsay

    In National Geographic’s: Uncharted “Michigan’s Yooper Cuisine”, we witnessed fam
    11 Activities

    Your Summertime Guide to Enjoying Dreamland and Beyond

    LIKE A DREAM In 1913, a Canadian immigrant named Norbert Sarazin put down roots in Bootjack, Mic
    Mother and child hiking Isle Royale National Park Trail 1 Isle Royale

    Top Things I Wish I Knew Before Visiting Isle Royale National Park

    Visiting Isle Royale National Park is a dream for many, but very few make it to the Island.  The n…

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    Jul 30 - Oct 15, 2021
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    Jul 31 - Oct 16, 2021
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    Aug 14 - Aug 15, 2021
    Houghton County Fair
    Aug 26 - Aug 29, 2021
    Jun 16 - Jun 19, 2022
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