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Posted on October 23rd, 2019

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Attending a Tech hockey game is a time-honored tradition here in the Copper Country. From the moment you walk into the John J. MacInnes Student Ice Arena (“the Mac”), you’ll be surrounded by excitement, an energy unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a hockey fan, you’ll still enjoy the upbeat atmosphere and entertainment. Oh, and if you find yourself becoming uncharacteristically vocal, totally normal. You’ll be okay.

Tech’s hockey season begins in October and runs through February. Check out some of our favorite reasons to attend a Tech hockey game.

Nonstop Action

Hockey is one of the fastest, most exciting sports there is! There are very few stoppages of the clock. You’ll never see players standing around, snapping their gum, waiting for the puck to fly their way before they make a move. There is constant movement, back and forth across the ice. Shift changes are smooth and flawless.

Michigan Tech hockey forward pumps up the crowd

Pro Hockey Was Born Here

Did you know Houghton is the birthplace of professional hockey? Yes, it’s true. In 1903, Jack “Doc” Gibson and James Dee organized the first professional hockey league, bringing future Hall of Famers including Riley Hern, Newsy Lalonde, and Fred “Cyclone” Taylor to the Copper Country to play for the International Professional Hockey League (IPHL).

A Winning Tradition

Michigan Tech has claimed three NCAA national championships (’62, ’65, & ’75) during its storied history.  All came under coach Jon MacInnes, the arena’s namesake. The Huskies competed for the title on four other separate occasions (’56, ’60, ‘74, & ’76) fallowing just one game short of the ultimate prize. 

MTU Pep Band

The MTU Pep Band is known for their high-energy performances and uniforms of yellow and black striped overalls. They perform traditional songs such as In Heaven There Is No Beer and The Engineers along with a variety of selections in popular music. Some songs have been around since the 1940s, such as the Blue Skirt Waltz in which the pep band and fans link arms and sway back and forth. This tradition began during Winter Carnival in 1948 and is dubbed “The Copper Country Anthem”. You can’t not join in on “The Copper Country Anthem”! (No, really, you can’t not join in because the people on either side of you will be swaying back and forth, which will cause you to sway back and forth…)


The % of players in the NHL that have played college hockey is at an all-time high. You are watching the NHL’s players of tomorrow. Randy McKay, Tony Esposito, Tanner Kero, Mitch Reinke—are just a few former Huskies that made it to the NHL (50 in all). How cool is that?!


You think the excitement is high during the regular season? Oh boy, you’re in for an awakening. That’s not even close to the excitement felt during the playoffs! “Will this be the year?

Every playoff game is an-edge-of-your-seat, adrenaline-packed roller coaster. You’ll experience the full spectrum of human emotions in about 2 ½ hours.

7th Man

“We really need to pick up the pace out there!”

According to licensed professional counselor David Ezell, humans have “mirror neurons”. These neurons allow us to understand points of view outside of ourselves. We can put ourselves in another person’s shoes, and experience what they’re going through. Now, thankfully, we don’t get to experience the full sensation of a crushing hit against the boards, but to feel like we’re part of the game to some degree is fun!

Crowd at Michigan Tech hockey match

A rowdy crowd at MacInnes Arena cheering on Michigan Tech Hockey


When the puck goes into the visitor’s net, the crowd erupts in cheers! The light behind the net lights up to signal the goal, the ref declares the goal and the announcer can’t hide his own enthusiasm as he announces the player who scored the goal, and the player who made the assist. You can physically feel the energy around you explode.

Tech Hockey celebrates a goal

Tech Hockey celebrates a goal

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