Waterfalls have the power to stir the soul and soothe the restless spirit. In the Keweenaw, these natural wonders roar to life after the spring snowmelt and are beautiful throughout the year, even when winter ice and snow quiet them. 

When is the best time to view waterfalls in the Upper Peninsula?

The best time for waterfall touring in the Upper Peninsula is typically from mid-March to late April.  During this time, the Upper Peninsula’s winter snowfall rapidly melts recharging streams and waterways which feed the falls. 

Explore the Keweenaw’s Waterfalls

Here are some tips to making the most of your waterfall hunting experience:

  • Take your time:  You can spend weeks in the Keweenaw and visit a different waterfall each day. So make sure you budget enough time to get your fill.  
  • The largest drops include the lowermost Hungarian Falls and Eagle River Falls, both at 60 feet.
  • Easy access: Haven Falls Park and Jacob’s Falls are the definitions of roadside attractions. Each can easily be viewed from your car as you drive by them (although we definitely suggest you step outside your vehicle to enjoy the view). Eagle River Falls can be enjoyed after a brief 20-yard stroll from the parking lot located right of M-26. A viewing platform spans over falls flowage for spectacular views! 
  • Charter a Guide: Local guides are an incredible source of knowledge and can help you discover and explore some of the lesser-known hidden gems. A good guide will help save time and prevent you from getting lost, share a little local history and culture, and help you reach your destinations safely. These professionals even know about secret falls well-off the beaten path. Click here for a list of local guide services.
  • Well-worth the hike: You can reach the six to seven drops of the Hungarian Falls along a 1.5-mile trail. Or take a one-mile, winding shoreline trail to the Montreal Falls (which you also can access by kayak or canoe on Lake Superior).
  • Watch your footing: Many of our waterfalls can be enjoyed up close but be sure to watch for slippery rocks that can cause falls and injuries. Tread carefully!
  • Bring your camera: You’ll never see the same waterfall twice thanks to the ever-changing volume of water. Slower shutter speeds help to capture the movement of the water. Take as many pictures as you’d like but be careful not to lose your footing or drop your camera in the water!
  • Don’t miss the rainbow: On a sunny day, a waterfall’s spray can create beautiful rainbows that will take your breath away. Suspended water droplets help to refract sunlight creating a spectacular display of colors.
  • Stay in a solar-powered cabin at the Conglomerate Falls near Calumet. A small cabin is available for rent and can serve as your base for fishing and birding along a quarter-mile of the Gratiot River.

Take A Tour

Located in Ontonagon County, you’ll discover a series of three majestic waterfalls that rival any found in the Midwest.  Take a tour of O’Kun de Kun Falls, Agate Falls, and Bond Falls through the video below.

15 Keweenaw Waterfall Destinations

Use the map below to take a virtual tour of the Keweenaw’s most beloved waterfalls.

Need help finding an amazing waterfall adventure? Use this map to find where our fantastic falls are located!

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Eagle Harbor, MI 49950 US

This waterfall is located approximately three miles northeast of Eagle River on the south side of M-26 and is visible from the road. This small falls has a total drop of about 40 feet. The main s ...
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Jacob's Falls

Eagle Harbor, MI 49950
This waterfall is located approximately three miles northeast of Eagle River on the south side of M-26 and is visible from the road. This small falls has a total drop of about 40 feet. The main s ... More

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