Toivola / Twin Lakes

Toivola / Twin Lakes

It’s called Twin Lakes for a reason!




Surrounded by several inland lakes, Twin Lakes was settled by Finn’s in 1892.  The town was once large enough to support 13 different schools and was mainly a logging camp.

Toivola struggled for several years.  People who settled there were quite poor and were paid less than other people in different communities.  Finally, people started to come from Finland and settled there.  Making it more tolerable.  At one point Toivola was home to over 60 farms.  For years after being settled Toivola did not have a name.  One minister thought it would be good to name it Urhola, Finnish for Place of Heroes.  He thought it was quite fitting, because only hero’s could live there.  However, it wasn’t until later that it finally received it’s name.  Toivola is Finnish for Place of Hope.  

Today you will find small “mom and pop” places and remains of those old buildings that once made this area so popular as well as a state park, ample trails to ride all year round and some amazing fishing opportunities. 

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