Lac La Belle

Lac La Belle

Home of Mount Bohemia, the Haven Falls and much more!




Lac La Belle was once the site of a stamping plant for the Delaware and Mendota copper mines back in it’s hay day but now resembles a small resort area with some big attractions. Lac La Belle has a history of several mining companies attempting to mine copper from the area, the also had the only steam powered stamp mill in the area.  In an attempt to make the mine flourish, they increased the size of the canal connecting the Lac La Belle to Lake Superior, making it easier for the Ore Boats to traverse it.   However, all attempts failed and in 1867 the mine closed for good.  Now it is a beautiful resort town.  

You’ll find Mount Bohemia located here as well as small resorts and vacation rentals, restaurants and so much more! 

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Bete Grise, MI 49950 US

Region: Lac La Belle / Bete Grise

Located at the end of an 8 mile long, winding black top road east of US-41 that follows for some distance along the beaches of Lake Superior, lies the harbor at Bete Grise. Bete Grise is French ...
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Bete Grise, MI 49550 US

Region: Lac La Belle / Bete Grise

The public portion of the Bete Grise beach, located 3 miles east of Lac La Belle, offers a sandy swimming area, change building and picnic tables.
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15.6 Miles from Gay on the Gay-Lac La Belle Road
Gay, MI 49950 US

Phone: (906) 482-0820
E-Mail Address:
Region: Lac La Belle / Bete Grise

Bete Grise South Preserve protects a stellar and vital wetland along Lake Superior.
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