Eagle River

Eagle River

Take a stroll along the beach, look for agates or take in a sunset!           

Eagle River was once a booming mine town as well as a booming shipping port back in it’s hay day.  Cliff Mine, which is located just a few miles south of Eagle River used this port to ship their copper.  In 1861 Keweenaw County was created and made  Eagle River the county seat.  Now it is the perfect place for a quiet retreat.  In the winter time the deer travel for miles around and migrate to Eagle River for the winter where they are fed.  Tourists can stop at the rest stop and feed the deer.  The tend to flock there by the hundreds.  Through the years they have learned that the deer yard is a safe place to bed down and eat.  Eagle River has a beautiful beach that is great for watching the sunset and the northern lights.  You’ll find miles of shoreline to look for agates, a waterfront restaurant, a historic wooden tressel bridge as well as a beautiful waterfall that is a great sight to see during spring run off.  

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Eagle River, MI 49950 US

Region: Eagle River

The Upper Eagle River Falls, or 10 Foot, is located north along M-26 approximately .8 miles from the US-41/M-26 junction in Phoenix. Watch for a small roadside parking area on your right.
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