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Established in 1888, Chassell Township is a quiet town that was once a stop on the Duluth, South Shore and Atlantic Railway for mainly the logging industry.  In 1903, the GM of the logging company, Edward Hamar, built his home and many other company homes here.  Chassell is named after John Chassell, who was the first person to buy the land that the town now sits on.  In 1867, John Chassell purchased that land that the town now known as Chassell sits on.  He purchased this land from the St. Mary’s Canal and Land Company who had acquired the property from the State of Michigan in 1855. 

Today you will find sites from the Keweenaw National Historical Park, gift shops, vacation rentals, hiking & biking trails and much more.

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35605 N. River Road
Chassell, MI 49916 US

Phone: (906) 334-3005
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Region: Chassell

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