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Thousands of immigrants moved to the Copper Country to begin work in the mines but once the price of copper went down and the mines started to close those immigrants moved elsewhere looking for work which left many towns abandoned.  You can still see glimpses of many old and forgotten mine towns throughout the Peninsula, but be careful as you explore!  Some of the remains may be on private property or some may be structurally unsound so we ask that you pay careful attention to your surroundings as you explore these old ghost towns.

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Bete Grise, MI 49950 US

Region: Lac La Belle / Bete Grise

Located at the end of an 8 mile long, winding black top road east of US-41 that follows for some distance along the beaches of Lake Superior, lies the harbor at Bete Grise. Bete Grise is French ...
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Houghton, MI 49905 US

Region: Houghton

Located 6 miles southwest of Houghton off M-26, Baltic was the home of the Baltic Mining Company. An underground copper mine near South Range, MI consisting of 5 shafts. Exploration work was star ...
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