Copper Country Quilt Block Trail

Travel through villages and countryside on a self guided tour through the copper country and enjoy boldly painted quilt blocks on barns, garages, and businesses.  
The Copper Country Quilt Block Trail is part of a volunteer public art movement extending across the country-celebrating our rural heritage and traditional arts, and involving area residents in making art.  
New blocks are added throughout the year.  See our website for updates. 

  • Quilt Block Locations:

    • 2:  112 W. Douglass St., Houghton, MI
    • 3:  Finlandia University’s Jutila Center, Michigan St., Hancock, MI
    • 4:  Sunshine Road, Hancock, MI 
    • 5:  25548 Millionaire St., Calumet, MI
    • 6:  27173 Red Rock Road, Lake Linden, MI  (Jacobsville)
    • 7:  4-H Barn, Houghton County Fairgrounds, Hancock, MI
    • 8:  Beaudoin Alpaca & Sheep Farm, 52704 Dover Road, Calumet, MI
    • 9:  32428 Cabbage Road, Pelkie, MI 49958
    • 10: 52278 Duncan Avenue, Hubbell, MI 
    • 11:  21440 Broemer Rd., Chassell
    • 12:  Calumet Art Center, 57055 Fifth St., Calumet
    • 13:  26031 School St., Calumet, MI
    • 14:  25673 Agent St., Calumet, MI
    • 15:  46509 US 41, Houghton, MI

    Natives of Iowa where there are many barn quilts, Tommy and Mike Gilpin thought it would be fun to have a barn quilt on their garage in town. The pattern “Classic Country 8 Point” is done in 3 colors which contrast with the garage & housecolor. The barn quilt is 4′ x 4′. It was constructed & installed by Industrial Graphics, Inc. of Houghton.