Hamar House Bed & Breakfast

41985 Wilson Memorial Drive
Chassell, MI 49916
Phone: 906-523-5421

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Built in 1903, this was the home of Edward A. Hamar.  As the general manager of the Worcester Lumber Company, Edward built not only his home but also many 'Company Homes' in the township.  This three story home was built on a foundation of the prized Jacobsville sandstone.  The stairway, built-in dining room china cabinet, fireplace mantle, and so much more were all handcarved with the finest wood, care and dedication.  

Until 1990, the house was lived in and owned by the Hamar family.  It then was purchased by Barbara and Harry Wilson, who subsequently opened it as a Bed & Breakfast for the next 21 years.  When we, the Wells family, purchased the house in 2010, it became a private residence.  Already well maintained, we continued to refurbish the house and added breezeway and garage.  It was the Hamar families wishes that a number of family pictures remain with the home, and so we displayed them in the 25' breezeway, turning it into what we call Hamar Hall.  At the conclusion of the renovations we were invited to participate in the Chassell Old Fashioned Christmas Home Tour.  This was the first time that the entire house was put on the tour.  Over 400 people came through this house in that one day!

In the spring of 2015, I decided to reopen it as a B&B.  Myself, with my daughter Kathryn, wish to share the Hamar House and it's history with you, that has been such a treasure to us.