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The trail report:

Although there is still a lot of snow, snowmobile trails from Twin Lakes to Copper Harbor are officially closed and grooming has ended for the season.

Houghton County has received 186.25 inches of snow for the season and has 30 inches on the ground. (3/28/14) Keweenaw County has received 315.5 inches of snow for the season and has 37 inches on the ground. (4/15/14)

Keweenaw Trails Services thanks everyone who helped with our winter recreation program and we look forward to opening the trails again on December 1st. 

Cross Country Ski Trails (courtesy of
Michigan Tech- skate lanes reconditioned, 20 km open.  Tracks set April 14. Very good late-season conditions. (4/16/14)
Swedetown- Grooming is ended for the season. (4/13/14)
Chassell-Is closed for the season. (4/1/14)
Maasto Hiihto- Grooming has ended for the season. (4/7/14)
Mount Bohemia-Excellent condition but is now closed Monday-Thursday. (4/17/14)
Twin Lakes State Park-No longer grooming and is in poor condition. (4/7/14)
Eagle Harbor - Partially groomed and in good condition. (4/7/14)
McLain State Park - Open but no longer grooming. (4/7/14)

Downhill Skiing Report:
Mont Ripley - Closed for the season. (4/13/14)
Mount Bohemia - Is closed Monday-Thursday but will re-open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until the snow melts. (4/17/14) 






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