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  • Conglomerate Falls
    Conglomerate Falls, a North Woods Conservancy site, includes 40 acres of big trees with a quarter mile of the Gratiot River for great fishing and birding. No fee. Fishing permitted; fires, camping, hunting (except bow and crossbow deer hunting), trapping, and motor vehicles are prohibited.  Visit the website for information or a printable map. Directions: Travel north on US-41 from Calumet and turn left on the Five Mile Point Road in Ahmeek. Drive 2.6 miles and turn left on South Farmer's Block Road. Go straight for 1 mile (it changes to Tanskanen Road), then continue straight onto the two track woods road where the paved road makes a 90 degree right turn. The two track leads about .4 miles to a parking area near the falls. The first 1/4 mile of this road is an easement on private property so please drive slowly and do not leave the easement. Open daily during daylight hours.
  • Montreal Falls
    DIRECTIONS: From Hancock drive north on US-41 to Phoenix, then drive 10.4 miles to the Lac La Belle Road. Turn right and drive 4.7 miles to the bottom of the steep hill in Lac La Belle. Turn left and continue about 2 miles to Smith Fishery Road and turn left.  Follow this road approximately five miles to the end.  This entire single-lane road is private property but as a visitor you are tolerated, so drive carefully, and yield to oncoming raaffic.  At the end you will see a stone pillared fence, turn left.  The owners have graciously provided you access while protecting their privacy, so honor this privilage.  Two hundred yards ahead are the four or five parking spaces.  The road is marked PRIVATE, but acccess is available to the small parking area near the Smith Fisheries.   (The State of Michigan Forest boundary is part way down the trail  Someday there will be access to the falls over public land but until then, honor the land owners who maintain this private road access)  The hike to the mouth of the Montreal River is a winding one mile shoreline trail plagued with wind falls.  (See the Keweenaw Water Trail map for information on finding it by canoe or kayak.)
  • Manganese Falls
    Turn south immediately past the Copper Harbor Community Building on the Lake Manganese Road and go approximately 7/10 of a mile. Falls are on the left about 100' from the road. Manganese Falls is just a short walk on a trail along the top of a deep gorge (use caution if viewing the falls with children) to a viewing area at the trails end. The water drops at least 45 feet from the top of the rocky gorge to the bottom past sheer moss-covered walls.
  • Silver River Falls
    Located 4.5 miles east of Eagle Harbor along M-26 near the western base of Brockway Mountain Drive. The Silver River Falls, about 15 feet wide, begins a short walk downstream from M-26 with a series of rapids that rush towards the falls. The stream divides at the falls to drop about seven feet over a rock outcropping then continues as rapids to another drop into a small pool. Here the river narrows to about 7 feet and continues on through the forest to Lake Superior. A small roadside park with picnic tables and grills is located just across M-26.
  • Eagle River Falls
    Located along the south side of M-26 as it enters the village of Eagle River. A parking area and pedestrian bridge just off M-26 make viewing these falls very easy. The falls is on the site of the original Lake Superior Fuse Company and remains of the dam still span most of the 60-foot wide river. The dam extends the falls to a total height of well over 60 feet. Water drops over the dam in a straight sheet, forms tendrils that flow over the rocks forming its steep banks then rejoins at the bottom of the deep gorge.
  • Jacob's Falls
    This waterfall is located approximately three miles northeast of Eagle River on the south side of M-26 and is visible from the road. This small falls has a total drop of about 40 feet. The main section near the road falls about 20 feet over rough stone. Trails run up the side of the steep rock into the woods upstream.
  • Haven Falls
    Take the Lac La Belle road south off of US-41, approximately one mile east of Delaware. Follow this road approximately 4.5 miles to the fork at the bottom of the hill. Turn right and Haven Park is about a half mile on the right. The falls are at the back of the roadside park and can be seen from the car. The small creek runs over the side of a rock outcropping to a small pool, then on downstream past a small footbridge and through the park on its way to Lac La Belle. Facilities at Haven Park include tables, grills and restrooms.
  • Hungarian Falls
    The Upper Hungarian Falls, about 10 feet wide, is located in a beautiful hardwood forest, and drops about 25 feet over a wall of red stone. Downstream the Hungarian Creek slides over the Hungarian Dam to create an unnamed 5-foot falls just below on the far side of the river whose rock walls and ledge appear almost handmade. About 100 yards downstream is a second unnamed falls of about 7 feet into a small pool. Another 250 feet downstream a third unnamed falls drops 25 feet in a shaded canyon whose moss covered walls extend from both sides of the falls. 400 feet downstream is the Lower Hungarian Falls, the most spectacular of all the falls, that drops another 15 feet over terraced rock. To view the entire falls, you need to walk along the top of the ridge as it extends out from the falls (use extreme caution if viewing the falls with children) to see the spectacular 50 foot-plus drop through the thick forest. Spectacular in the spring, flowage can vary greatly during summer and fall. Directions: Along M-26 west of Lake Linden in Tamarack City, turn north onto 6th Street and go 2 blocks to a fork. Take the left fork and drive uphill to the third trail road on the left. Turn left and go .2 miles to a fork. The right fork goes to the Upper Falls, the left fork to the lower falls. It is about a 15-20 minutes walk to the falls.
  • Upper Eagle River Falls
    The Upper Eagle River Falls, or 10 Foot, is located north along M-26 approximately .8 miles from the US-41/M-26 junction in Phoenix.  Watch for a small roadside parking area on your right.
  • Wyandotte Falls
    On the Misery River. 1.5 miles southwest of the Twin Lakes State Park, turn west off M-26 onto the Wyandotte Hills Golf Course Road to a parking area .8 miles down on the left, just past some old log cabins on the right. The falls are about 250 yards from this parking area on an unimproved trail that twists through the thick woods. The 12-foot wide Misery River moves slowly out of the forest to fall in several stages. The first stage drops about 10 feet down the dark rock, then disappears behind large boulders where it forms a small, hidden pool. From this pool it gradually drops about another 10 feet through moss-covered rocks, ferns and grasses.  This falls is best viewed during spring snow-melt.

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