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Keweenaw Underwater Preserve

Keweenaw Underwater Preserve

This 103 square mile preserve is host to a variety of historic shipwrecks, plus the Coast Guard Cutter Mesquite.  Marked wrecks include: the LANGHAM in 90-105 feet of water in Bete Grise Bay; MESQUTE in 100 feet of water in Keystone Bay; SCOTIA in 15 feet of water off Keweenaw Point; WASAGA in 25-35 feet of water in Copper Harbor; CITY OF ST. JOE at 35 feet in Little Grand Marais Harbor; TRAVELLER in 20 feet in Eagle Harbor; PICKANDS, COLORADO, FERN & TIOGA & MORELAND on Sawtooth Reef off Eagle River.

Charters & air supplies in Copper Harbor.  Lodging, dining, shopping and services available throughout the Keweenaw.  8 of these wrecks are marked with buoys from mid-June through mid-September.  (Michigan state law prohibits removal of any artifacts from the Keweenaw Underwater Preserve.)

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