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Road Biking

  • Ride I (Hancock/Calumet/Lake Linden)
    Start at Poorvo Park on the Hancock Waterfront. Follow paved bike path to M-203/US-41 intersection by the Citgo station. Follow M-203 along the ship canal and Lake Superior to Calumet, where it becomes Pine Street. Turn right on to 6th Street and follow to US-41 (at the stoplight). Continue thru the light onto Lake Linden Avenue (which is also M-26) and follow down the hill to Lake Linden. Take a right at the flashing red light and continue back into Hancock. Just before the bridge, turn left to the Houghton County Marina and follow signs past the Ramada Inn back to Poorvo Park. This is a moderate difficulty ride of approximately 36 miles with hills and narrow shoulders.  Lodging, dining and services along the route.
  • Ride II (Hancock to Copper Harbor)
    This is a moderately difficult ride of 53 miles with hills and narrow to no shoulders.  From Hancock, take M-203 to Calumet. Turn left at the US-41 intersection with Pine Street and continue to Ahmeek.  Turn left here and follow the signs for Five Mile Point.  Take this road to the Lake Superior shore, then follow the shoreline to Eagle River. M-26 passes through 3 miles of dense conifers until it opens up into the dunes of Great Sand Bay then on into Eagle Harbor, a picturesque residential resort community.  Continue on M-26 for 10 miles of woods and shoreline into Copper Harbor.  Lodging, dining and services located along sections of the route.
  • Ride III (Houghton/Covered Drive)
    This is an easy to moderate ride with occasional hills, 28 miles.  Follow the Houghton Beach road to the Houghton Canal Road. Follow this to Lake Superior at the Stanton Township Park.  On the return trip turn right at the Schmidt Corner Store and follow the Liminga Road for 5 miles.  Take the left turn onto the covered road (this is unpaved for 2 miles) and follow back to Canal Road and Houghton Beach.  
  • Ride IV (Houghton/Pilgrim River Valley)
    This moderately difficult ride of 29 miles begins at Houghton Beach.  Take M-26 to the stoplight at Sharon Avenue.  Turn left and continue up the hill to a 4-way stop.  Turn right and ride through Hurontown.  Turn left onto Paradise Road and enjoy a wild and winding downhill into the Pilgrim River Valley (you do have to climb out the other side).  Continue on Paradise Road to Chassell/Painesdale Road where you turn left and down to US-41 in Chassell.  Turn left again and follow US-41 back to Houghton.  Use the wide shoulders, traffic can be fast and heavy.  
  • Ride V (Brockway Mountain Drive)
    This 30 mile loop begins in Copper Harbor and takes M-26 to Brockway Mountain Drive to the spectacular views at the summit.  Most people push their bikes at least part way up.  Coast down to M-26 and into Eagle Harbor.  Take the Eagle Harbor Cut-off Road to US-41, turn left to Delaware and on to Copper Harbor.  This section of US-41 is winding, hilly and has no shoulders.  
  • Ride VI (Copper Harbor to Houghton)
    From Copper Harbor take US-41 south for 10 miles to the Lac La Belle Road. This is a long downhill, very steep at the bottom. Bear left for a 3 mile trip to the beautiful sand beach of Bete Grise. Return to Lac La Belle and head south at the fork along the county road. This road is fairly flat and smooth. On a clear day there are views of the Huron Mountains across Keweenaw Bay. 25 miles later you reach the town of Gay, population 43. Head west to Lake Linden, where M-26, a two-lake highway with moderate traffic takes you to Hancock.  See the website for maps, terrain, features, rides, etc. Lodging, dining and services along some section of the ride.

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